New treatments… fewer side-effects…more lives saved… this is the power of molecular diagnostics. And donations from our generous supporters have helped to bring it to more of our patients here at The Christie.

Molecular diagnostics gives our doctors and scientists the tools and equipment they need to delve deeper into different types of cancer. To understand more about its genetic make-up. To identify the most appropriate, most fitting treatment for each patient. To target tumours with greater precision than ever before.

Our appeal in April 2016 raised vital funds for an innovative project called *TARGET.

The TARGET project is a groundbreaking study for patients whose cancers have returned after initial treatment. It aims to match the right patients with the appropriate targeted therapy, based on the molecular profile of their cancer. However, molecular diagnostic techniques are complex and expensive. 

We currently have 100 patients taking part in the TARGET project. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we are expanding this to 200 more patients over the next 12 months. After this we hope to offer the service to many more cancer patients who can potentially benefit, but we wouldn’t have been able to do this without your help.

You've helped to give better chances to patients like Geraldine

I have survived far longer than the outlook at diagnosis, which only gave me a 20% chance of surviving for one year. If it hadn’t been for personal targeted therapy and molecular diagnostics, I don’t think I would still be here.

Geraldine Peddie, diagnosed with lung cancer in 2007

You've helped us delve deeper into molecular diagnostics

Imagine that cancer is like an onion. We’ve been peeling away at that onion for decades now, layer by layer. Every year, with your help, we uncover something new. Molecular diagnostics takes us right to the core of that onion.

Professor John Radford, Director of Research at The Christie

If you would like to donate to our molecular diagnostics fund, you can donate online (select Molecular Diagnostics from the drop down options).

* Our TARGET project is being run by our Experimental Cancer Medicine Team, coordinated by Dr Matt Krebs.