What is a CT Gamma Camera?

The CT Gamma Camera is a state-of-the-art hybrid diagnostic CT and Gamma Camera which provides us with highly accurate images. This enables us to pinpoint the exact location, size and shape of a patient's cancer with absolute precision and accuracy after only a single visit.

After pinpointing a patient's cancer, and identifying the extent to which it is active or has spread, it gives us the information we need to administer the exact dose of radiation that is right for each patient, hence providing personalised therapy.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters we raised £850,000 to buy this revolutionary piece of equipment.

How it works

The photo on the left, below, shows the quality of images our doctors currently get when scanning a patient using the existing equipment. The image on the right shows the clarity and precision the new equipment will bring.

As you can see, the quality of the image on the right is a vast improvement. In fact the clarity and accuracy of this image is so advanced, it reduces uncertainty about changes in a patient's cancer dramatically.

We can extend the life-expectancies of our patients, reduce their side effects and give those living with cancer a better quality of life.

Dr Manoharan, Clinical Lead for MRI, PET CT and Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine.