It means better support, better care and better chances against cancer. 

This research goes beyond the testing of new drugs. Working with clinical colleagues throughout the hospital, our new Christie Patient Centred Research (CPCR) team will carry out research that aims to better understand - and improve support for - the personal, social, emotional and care delivery aspects of cancer. 

Enhancing our understanding of the patient experience will help us to develop innovative new techniques that will improve everyday patient care, quality of life and ultimately patient outcomes. 

To carry out all of the exciting studies that our patients need, The Christie charity is now fundraising to help recruit three new Research Fellows, who will focus on three vital areas of research: 

  • The prevention and early detection of cancer – developing new ways to help more people prevent cancer or be diagnosed earlier
  • Helping patients to live and cope with the symptoms of cancer, and any side effects of their treatment
  • Examining the experiences of older people with cancer, and identifying those who need extra support and individual care (e.g. older patients suffering with dementia)  

The impact of your donation will last a lifetime at The Christie. 

Today, we simply need your help to fund the three Research Fellows for an initial two years - to get them started. After this the posts will fund themselves, as part of the roles will involve bidding for new research grants for future projects. This makes your gift today an incredible long-term investment. Your generosity will help countless patients and their families both now and in the years to come. 

What matters to patients, matters to scientists. We can learn from each other.

Because this research will happen right here at The Christie, the benefits of your donation will be felt almost instantly. We will put our findings into practice – and radically improve the lives of our patients – straight away. 

If you would like to help us to recruit our three new patient-centred research fellows, please fill out our online donation form and click on ‘Development of patient-centred research’. Thank you so much for your support.