Guy Belchier, Christie fundraiser

We’re putting Guy Belchier in our fundraiser hall of fame for taking on an impressive challenge in support of The Christie.

At the end of February, Guy took on the fearsome 6633 Arctic Ultra race. The ultramarathon is one of the coldest, windiest, ultra-distance footraces on the planet.

The 6633 Arctic Ultra is over 617 kilometres, crossing the line of the Arctic Circle and finishing on the banks of the Arctic Ocean in Northern Canada.

During the race, Guy battled temperatures as low as -30C, hurricane force winds and snowdrifts, all while pulling his supplies on a sledge. But unfortunately, the race had to be cut short and he was withdrawn after 6 days and 450 km, just 6 km from a check point.

“It was a bitter blow at the time, but the right call, as my nose had suffered quite severe frostbite. With the mercury rarely rising above -30C, conditions were particularly brutal this year.
“According to the race director, it was the 2nd coldest race they’d run and as a result only two completed the race.
"It was a challenge I looked forward to tackling as it was all for an amazing cause that has been a massive support to family and friends over the last couple of years.”

- Guy Belchier, Christie supporter

As a result of Guy’s hard work, he has raised a fantastic £5,115! This will help us to continue to provide additional services in cancer research, treatment and care to those who need it most.

Congratulations to Guy for his incredible perseverance and dedication in training for this challenge, and truly going above and beyond to support The Christie.

Image credit: Weronika Murray

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