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The Christie charity is generously supported by groups of friends, families, colleagues and communities who come together to say #WeDidItForTheChristie

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of our official Fundraising Groups who go above and beyond in their activities. We recently caught up with Sarah and Neil from the Nantwich Christie Hospital Support Group, to ask why they are so passionate about saying #WeDidItForTheChristie

Established in 1993, the Group have now been going strong for coming up to 25 years. “We originally chose The Christie because of my family links to the hospital, my father Tom has been a patient there since 1973. He celebrates his 90th Birthday this October!” said Sarah.

Over the years, this incredible Group have raised over £390,000 by organising a multitude of successful events from fashion shows, film nights and cookery demonstrations to quiz nights, treasure hunts and ceilidhs. With a strong and loyal network of local supporters, the Group continue to go from strength to strength.

They put their success down to friendship and flexibility… “All members bring different things to the table, be that ideas, organisational skills or simply lots of friends, family and contacts. We have found that if everyone mucks in the jobs get done quicker, leaving more time to enjoy yourselves which is what we are about … putting the ‘fun’ into fundraising!”

The Nantwich Christie Hospital Support Group have supported many projects at The Christie including the Paterson Institute, MCRC and currently the Proton Beam Research Room. “It’s always been our desire to fund projects that are on the ‘front line’ and will save patient lives.

Over the years I have seen the hospital grow into the leading cancer centre it is now. I have had the privilege to get to know some of the team that lead The Christie and see first-hand how much goes into the outstanding rating it so much deserves. I still bring my Dad to the hospital as a patient and only a couple of years ago saw again how amazing the treatment is when a close friend battled breast cancer (and fully recovered). It made me want to continue even more…

We asked the Group for their top fundraising tip for all those collectively getting together to say #WeDidItForTheChristie… “Don’t worry about how much you might raise, every single penny can make a difference and you will be astonished at the amount of support out there for the hospital- people are genuinely happy to help. There is nowhere like the Christie and we are hugely fortunate to have access to it, and for that reason, if for no other, it deserves our 100% support.

On behalf of everyone here at The Christie we want to thank the Nantwich Christie Hospital Support Group and all those who come together to collectively fundraise and raise awareness saying #WeDidItForTheChristie

Find out more and get involved - check out the Nantwich Hospital Support Group on Facebook and Twitter.

To get in touch with the Group, please phone Sarah on 0771 434 4810.