Tracy Mason, Christie patient

Tracy Mason has been a Christie patient since 2004. When her cervical cancer returned to her lymphatic system in 2018, doctors said that chemotherapy was her best option. But the aggressiveness of the tumour meant she needed further treatment as well.

Tracy’s consultant proposed a clinical trial involving a new immunotherapy drug, and Tracy seized the opportunity to take part. More than 2 years later, her tumour has reduced in size by 70% and her condition is under control.

The clinical drug therapy Tracy has been receiving has transformed her ability to lead as normal a life as possible. She said the clinical trial meant she’s been able to see important milestones in her daughter’s life.

“I didn’t think I’d see my daughter go to high school, let alone university.”
“I’m eternally grateful to The Christie. I’ve seen so many things I thought I would miss.”

  - Tracy Mason, cancer patient and clinical trial participant at The Christie

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