Sarah Wilkins, Christie supporter

Sarah has been working at The Christie for a number of years. Up until recently, she was a complementary therapist at the hospital. But since the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been working in the patient screening team, helping to keep patients safe.

Within The Christie, people immediately recognise Sarah for her trademark pink dreadlocks. They always made her smile and many patients at The Christie told her they cheered them up. Sarah even said that some people have stopped her to say that being greeted at the door by bright pink hair and smiley eyes makes the darkest days a bit brighter.

But in December 2020, Sarah made the decision to take on a sponsored head shave to raise money for The Christie charity. She said she was inspired to take on the challenge after the charity saw fundraising fall during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sarah said that her pink dreadlocks were the first time she felt like her hair represented who she is. While this obviously made her decision to shave her head harder, Sarah said it helped her gain a bit of perspective of how it would feel to lose her hair.

For many people with cancer, losing their hair sadly isn’t a choice. But Sarah hopes that her fundraising will help mean that more of those cancer patients can get the support they need.

“I used to think and have had many conversation about 'it’s only hair, it'll grow back' and that’s true – it is and it will. But it’s also image and identity and confidence to be out there in the world. It’s a shield and a crown and means something different for everyone for whom it’s a challenge to lose it.
“So I am here now putting my money where my mouth is and shaving mine off in the hope that you will throw some money this way and support the amazing work done at The Christie to support the ever increasing number of patients who need their care.”

  - Sarah, Christie supporter

Sarah’s sponsored head shave has now raised over £1,000 for The Christie charity. Thanks to her fabulous fundraising efforts – and so many others like her – we can continue to keep supporting cancer patients and their families.

Do you want to support The Christie during the COVID-19 pandemic? Our ideas generator has lots of fun and interesting ways you can raise money for The Christie.

Any support you can give will help us keep touching patients' lives today, tomorrow and beyond.