Nadiim Domun, Christie fundraiser

In November 2018, Nadiim was diagnosed with cancer. His doctor referred him to The Christie, where he was admitted as an inpatient.

For nearly 6 months, The Christie became Nadiim’s home. This period of his life would be a real ordeal for him, both physically and mentally. Unable to eat for his hospital stay, Nadiim was fed through tubes and had to learn how to walk again.

Nadiim also had several surgical procedures, followed by a high-risk surgery at the end of his chemotherapy treatment.

2 years later, Nadiim is now thankfully living a cancer-free life. Since his treatment at The Christie, his outlook on life has shifted and he’s been able to be grateful about lots of little things in his life. Nadiim says he’s really appreciated every new healthy day.

As well as having a new attitude to life, Nadiim has also been focusing on returning his fitness level to what it was before his cancer diagnosis. This has meant plenty of trips to the gym, lots of cycling and conquering beautiful fells in the Lake District.

Since his cancer diagnosis, Nadiim has been grateful to The Christie and everyone who had an input in his treatment. He wanted to give something back to The Christie, so he organised a skydive fundraiser on his birthday in December 2019. Nadiim and his cousin Yas did the skydive, raising over £1,500 collectively.

But Nadiim didn’t stop there. 1 year later, Nadiim planned an impressive 100-mile cycle fundraising challenge on his birthday in December 2020.

Nadiim and his friend Alex cycled from Birkenhead to Chester, The Christie in Manchester and finally to Liverpool’s Anfield stadium. Nadiim had an initial fundraising target of £1,300 for his challenge but he smashed this, raising nearly £1,800.

Nadiim wanted to take on the cycling challenge to say thanks to everyone who had an input in his survival including his family, friends, colleagues and all the NHS staff. He especially wanted to show his support to everyone who supported him on ward 11 at The Christie.

So far, Nadiim has raised a total sum of just over £3,300 and he is looking forward to celebrating more of his future birthdays by undertaking thrilling challenges to raise even more money for The Christie.

Thanks to Nadiim’s fundraising and lots of other generous people like him, we can keep providing people with the very best treatment and care – and save even more lives.

“The Christie hospital was my home for nearly 6 months. While I was there, I met real superheroes that saved my life.
“My aim is to raise as much money as possible on my birthday, every year, in an effort to give back to an institution that symbolises hope, kindness, dedication and ultimately love.”

  - Nadiim, Christie fundraiser

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