Jason Gardner and Robbie Cross, Christie fundraisers

Jason and Robbie planned to cycle from London to Paris to raise funds for The Christie back in August. However, with the COVID-19 restrictions in place, in became clear this wasn’t possible.

The 2 friends weren’t deterred. Instead, they decided to cycle 320 miles as they had planned. But instead of cycling from London to Paris, they would travel the same distance around the roads of Cheshire.

Jason and Robbie’s cycling challenge was to raise money in support of The Christie at Macclesfield project. This will be a new centre in Macclesfield where Christie patients will be able to receive outstanding cancer care, closer to home.

While Jason and Robbie missed out on seeing the Parisian sights of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, their challenge took them past more familiar landmarks like Bollington’s White Nancy and the impressive telescope at Jodrell Bank.

“I'm lucky that neither I nor my family have yet been directly affected by cancer but I know many who have and have witnessed how devastating it can be. I've also seen how courageous and brave and inspirational people can be when faced with cancer.
“But to beat cancer requires help. That's where The Christie charity comes in. For me, fundraising for The Christie is about the future. I hope that they are in Macclesfield to provide me, my family and my friends with support – in the event we need it.”

  - Jason, Christie fundraiser

“I’ve had many close friends and family members that have been affected by cancer and having Christie care in Macclesfield would make a huge difference to many people's lives.”

  - Robbie, Christie fundraiser

And the friends don’t plan to stop there. Robbie is also a keen musician and he and Jason have some more ideas for future fundraising events.

Do you want to support The Christie during the COVID-19 pandemic? Our ideas generator has lots of fun and interesting ways you can raise money for The Christie.

Any support you can give will help us keep touching patients' lives today, tomorrow and beyond.