Graham Heavyside, Christie patient

After being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017, Graham Heavyside underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It put his cancer into remission, bringing great relief to Graham and wife Julie.

But when tests in July 2019 showed that it had returned, Graham and Julie were in shock. Doctors said that chemotherapy was the only available treatment. There was no guarantee that it would be successful.

Graham’s consultant had one more idea. He contacted The Christie’s research team, and was told about a ground-breaking clinical trial involving 2 immunotherapy drugs.

Graham jumped at the chance to take part. And within 10 months, he was showing no signs of cancer. As he puts it, he “feels fitter than I have for a long time”.

“When I rang the bell, it wasn’t just to mark the end of my treatment, it was to thank my wonderful family and the amazing staff at The Christie for all the support and care they have given me over the past 20 months.
“This was just a chance, but it gave my family and I our lives back.”

  - Graham Heavyside, cancer patient and clinical trial participant at The Christie.

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