Evie and Ellie England, Christie fundraisers

This April, Evie and Ellie England are taking on the 2.6 Challenge in support of The Christie charity. They’re doing in support of their family friend Kathryn, a current Christie patient.

The England family are no strangers to fundraising for The Christie charity. Back in 2016, mum Suzanne raised nearly £20,000 to thank The Christie for the treatment she received for lymphoma. Evie and Ellie have been desperate to do their bit to fundraise ever since.

On Sunday 26 April, Ellie will be running 2.6 miles on the treadmill and Evie will be dancing 26 TikTok shorts. The girls were hoping to raise £150 and they’ve already managed to raise nearly £800.

Ellie said: “My mum and I have always wanted to raise money again for you. You saved her life from cancer and you are currently treating our friend Kathryn Walsh because she has breast cancer.

“I decided I will run 2.6 miles on the treadmill at home (because we are shielding as a whole family due to my mum being at high risk). I have always wanted to run for charity!”

Evie said: “Since the London Marathon was cancelled due to COVID-19, Ellie and I decided we would complete the 2.6 Challenge in different ways.

“Ellie will be running 2.6 miles on the treadmill and I will dance 26 TikTok dances. We figured that this was a good idea, since we have always wanted to raise money for you again.

“We are also taking part to support our friend Kathryn who started chemotherapy for breast cancer recently.”

After lockdown, Evie and Ellie are planning to take a big cheque of the amount they’ve raised into school.

If you want to show your support for The Christie like Evie and Ellie, take on the 2.6 Challenge this April!