Danielle Kelleher, Christie supporter

Danielle had a diagnosis of stage 3 malignant melanoma in 2019 and she came to The Christie for treatment. She started on a clinical trial but this recently finished as it was having an effect on her heart.

During lockdown, The Christie kept checking in to see how Danielle was doing, something she was really grateful for. Now waiting for the results of her treatment, she is hoping to hear that she’s in remission.

In September 2020, Danielle will be joining Team Christie at Tatton Park for our annual Walk of Hope event. This special evening brings together families, friends and individuals to walk 10km through the stunning grounds of Tatton Park.

The Walk of Hope is a chance to celebrate the treatment and care provided by The Christie, to show support for cancer patients and to remember those who are no longer with us. It’s always an emotional event and really brings Christie patients and their friends and families together.

Danielle said the Walk of Hope event represents a chance for her to give something back to The Christie for her treatment and care.

“Recovering from stage 3 malignant melanoma has been one of the biggest challenges of my life and I am still battling with side effects today.  However, I am trying to stay positive as I can and raising money for The Christie gives me that boost which is very much needed.
“The Walk of Hope, along with The Christie, holds such a special place in my heart. Having milestones through my cancer journey helps me battle stage 3 malignant melanoma and I want to give something back to The Christie for helping me along the journey.”

- Danielle, Christie supporter and patient

Do you want to be part of #TeamChristie this September? Sign up for the Walk of Hope today. You can help us to continue to provide world-class cancer care for patients today, tomorrow, and beyond.