Daniel Parkinson, Christie supporter

On Christmas Day 2016, Daniel was admitted to Lancaster Royal Infirmary A+E with a swelling to the stomach. He spent a week on the acute medical unit where staff treated him for a collapsed lung, and drained litres of fluid from his body.

During tests and scans, doctors found a mass the size of an orange in Daniel’s chest cavity area. They moved him to intensive care, where he was sadly diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

As Daniel’s body was producing large amounts of fluid, he could not be transferred to The Christie for treatment. Lancaster Royal Infirmary’s oncology department started Daniel on chemotherapy, a decision that Christie specialists later told him saved his life. Daniel says he’s extremely grateful for all the kind and caring treatment he received at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

In January 2017, Daniel was transferred to the Teenage and Young Adult service at The Christie. At The Christie, Daniel’s consultant diagnosed him with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Daniel stayed at the Teenage and Young Adult service at The Christie as an inpatient for more than a month. During this time, he received counselling to help him deal with the diagnosis and his treatment plan over the next 3 years.

Daniel said the whole team ‘were and continue to be fantastic, caring and considerate towards me and my family and many more patients I witnessed going through differing stages of cancer.’ In May 2020, Daniel finished a 3-year course of oral chemotherapy tablets and monthly intravenous chemotherapy treatments.

To say thanks to The Christie for all his treatment and to celebrate feeling well, Daniel decided to take on The Christie skydive challenge. On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April 2022, Team Christie will head to the Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancashire. Intrepid challengers will then jump out of a plane at 11,000 feet – an experience they will surely never forget.

“I am now nearly 18 months in full remission and treatment free, so I have decided to take this challenge on when I am feeling the best I have ever felt. This charity is very important to me so any donations will be greatly appreciated.”

 - Daniel Parkinson, Christie supporter

Daniel has raised over £7,000 in fundraising for his skydive challenge so far. This is an amazing effort, and we’d like to say a really big thanks to Daniel for his fundraising.

Are you up for the challenge of a lifetime? Join Daniel and the rest of Team Christie on Saturday 2 or Sunday 3 April 2022 and take part in The Christie skydive.