Carol Hallam, Christie fundraiser

Carol has been fundraising for The Christie charity for 6 and a half years, ever since her son Josh died from cancer.

Josh was a patient at Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) service at The Christie from the age of 17 to 23. While he was a patient at The Christie, Josh spent a lot of that time as an inpatient, and Carol said the department (then named the Young Oncology Unit) felt like their second home.

When Josh first visited The Christie, Carol said he didn’t want to get involved in any of the social activities in the TYA – he just wanted to have his treatment. But as a friendly and sociable person, he couldn’t resist joining in for very long. Carol says that some of the other patients and their families really loved Josh and are still friends with her and the rest of Josh’s family to this day.

In the 6 and a half years Josh’s family and friends have been fundraising in his memory, they have taken on some amazing challenges. Some of the events they’ve taken on over the years include the Berlin Marathon, the London Prudential Ride 100, the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride, the London to Paris Tour de France bike ride, the London Marathon and the Paris Marathon.

Carol and the family’s incredible dedication to fundraising means they’ve now raised over £50,000 for Josh’s fund. This amazing amount will help fund activities including art and music in the TYA service, something which a lot of TYA patients really value during their treatment.

“The care that Josh and we, his family, received is difficult to describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. From our very first day, we became part of a family made up of medical professionals, support staff, other patients and their families. Many of these people remain our friends to this day and we are truly thankful. Myself, Ian, Matt, Victoria and our wider family are committed to supporting the work of the young people’s unit through Josh’s fund for as long as we are able.
“We have had such wonderful support from friends and family over the years, and it’s thanks to all those people we have reached this milestone.”

Are you looking for a way to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one? Fundraising in memory for The Christie can be a wonderful way to do that, while helping us to treat and care for our patients and their families.