Ann Davies, Christie patient

When Ann thinks back to her breast cancer diagnosis in March 2014, she thinks about how her life changed completely in a single day. The diagnosis was a shock to her – and the next few years just brought more difficulties.

Ann first had chemotherapy and radiotherapy at her local hospital for the breast cancer. Surgery in 2016 brought hope that her cancer was under control.

But unfortunately, a CT scan revealed the cancer had spread to Ann’s right lung. And while she was having surgery to remove the upper lobe of her lung, scans revealed more tumours – in her brain, her kidneys, and her liver.

At this point, Ann said she knew her situation was critical. She was referred to The Christie in 2019 and placed onto a clinical trial involving a new type of immunotherapy.

Ann started monthly treatment, which involved an hour on an IV drip. The immunotherapy trial wasn’t as tiring as some of the other forms of treatment she’d had – and the results were even better.

As of the end of 2021, Ann’s treatment is continuing to minimise all her tumours, and she's continuing to enjoy life. The treatment is even helping with the brain tumours, which her treatment team hadn’t expected.

Ann’s now able to lead an active, outdoor lifestyle in her hometown near Llangollen in Wales. She spends her time cycling, doing yoga, running a business with her husband and spending time with her 4 children and 2 grandchildren. She’s planning to go skiing in February 2022 with her husband, 2 of her sons, and her brother’s family, and hopes to follow this up with some travels around Europe in the motorhome she bought in 2021.

“When I first went on the trial, I didn’t think there was any hope – not with tumours in my liver, my kidneys and my brain.”
“The tumours were just shrinking, and I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘this is working’.
“I just feel like I’m living, I feel like I can plan ahead.
"Truthfully if none of my plans [for holidays] are achievable because of the pandemic, I don’t care. I’m just so glad to be able to do the ordinary things we all  do every day with our families!”

  - Ann, Christie patient

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