When does the trek take place?

The trek will take place from Saturday 13 June to Sunday 14 June 2020.

What do I have to do to take part?

Simply sign up online with Global Adventure Challenges and pay your £30 registration fee. We will then be in touch after receiving your registration and will send you a fundraising pack in the post.

How can I reach the fundraising target?

We know that committing to raise a specific amount can seem a bit daunting which is why our team are here to support your event step of the way. We’d recommend starting off by creating a JustGiving page and sharing this around family, friends and colleagues.

When do I have to pay in my sponsorship?

You will need to raise a minimum of £300 in total. However The Christie must receive 80% of the minimum sponsorship (£240) 6 weeks before departure in order to confirm your place on the challenge. The remainder of your fundraising must be with us within 4 weeks of the event taking place.

Who organises the challenge?

The challenge is operated by Global Adventure Challenges, ATOL 6506 - booking conditions apply.

How fit do I need to be?

Global Adventure Challenges’ advice is that you need to have a reasonable level of fitness in order to take part, but you do not need to be ‘super fit’ or a professional athlete! It is suggested that you slowly build up your fitness levels in the lead up to your challenge.

What will the hike be like?

The challenge has been graded as ‘tough’ by Global Adventure Challenges. A ‘tough’ trek features more demanding activities and the days are generally longer and harder than a challenge graded as ‘challenging’.

The paths we use are generally well maintained and vary from steps, steep inclines or gradual slopes, to more rocky ground. In wet weather it can be slippery in places, and in some areas it can be easy to lose the path.

In the dark it’s easier to lose your footing or become disoriented, so we take it easy. There will be marshals or lit markers on any sections of the route which are not clear.

What do I need to bring?

Be prepared for any weather! It could be clear, raining, windy, warm or cold – or a mixture of all of them! The weather at the bottom of the mountain is very unlikely to be the same as at the top - expect it to be very cold at the summit at night. You will enjoy the trekking more if your equipment keeps you warm and comfortable! 

Why is the registration fee non-refundable?

The registration fee forms part of the total challenge cost and is used by Global Adventure Challenges to process your registration, vet your medical form and also to secure suppliers linked with your challenge. It is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another participant under any circumstance. We strongly suggest you get travel insurance immediately after registration to cover this cost element of your challenge.