More Walking Events

If you’re planning on taking the dog for stroll around the local park or are preparing to trek up Mount Snowdon, there really is a distance for every budding walker. We want to know how far you’ll go for the Christie!

Once you have signed up, or if you have already registered for your own cycling challenge, make sure you request your free fundraising pack using our online form and join #TeamChristie!

If you have your eye on another event or even fancy organising your own, you can contact the Sporting Events team by emailing or calling 0161 446 3400. 


Ultra Challenge Events

4 / 5 May 2019 - The Isle of Wight Challenge

25 / 26 May 2019 - London 2 Brighton

8 / 9 June 2019 - The Jurassic Coast Challenge

29 / 30 June 2019 - The Cotswold Way Challenge

13 / 14 July 2019 -The Peak District Challenge

28 / 29 July 2019 - The Chiltern Challenge

31 Aug / 1 Sept 2019 - The South Coast Challenge

7 / 8 September 2019 - The Thames Path Challenge

28 September 2019 - The North Downs 50

1 Day

11th May 2019 - Keswick2Barrow

21st-22nd September 2019- Snowdon Trek

28th September 2019 - Marathon Walk London

Various Dates Three Peaks Challenges

2 Days +

21st-23rd June & 27th-29th September 2019 - Ben Nevis Trek

20th-22nd September 2019 - 24 Peak Challenge

Various dates - English 3000s Challenge

Various dates March-October 2019 - West Highland Way

Various dates - Coast to Coast

Various dates April-October 2019 - Hadrian’s Wall Walk

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