Skydive FAQs

Is there an age limit?

Participants must be aged 16 or over. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Participants over the age of 70 will need their GP to sign a BPA medical form and contact Black Knights Parachute Centre beforehand for a risk assessment.

Is there a weight restriction?

Male participants must weight under 15 stone and female participants must weight under 13 stone. BMI may also be taken into account so if you are above the limit please get in touch.

Is there anything else that could prevent me from skydiving?

You cannot take part if you are pregnant.

If you have a disability or health issue which could affect your ability to take part please contact the charity team and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Do I need a medical?

If you are under the age of 70 and have no medical conditions you will be able to sign yourself off as being fit to jump, otherwise you will need your GP to sign the BPA 115B medical form.

The principal medical restrictions for all jumps are diabetics, epilepsy, fits, recurrent blackouts, heart or lung disease, mental illness and some cases of asthma. Please get in touch with the charity team for more information.

Do I need insurance?

All participants are covered by the British Parachute Association Liability Public Insurance Policy up to £2 million for liability to Third Parties. Please note this does not cover you or your dependants for personal injury or death. We strongly recommend you to take out your own insurance cover for personal accident benefits to whatever level you consider appropriate. If in doubt please seek independent advice.

The Christie charity and Black Knights Parachute Centre accept no responsibility for any injury incurred whilst undertaking the challenge. If you would like to purchase individual cover, Black Knights recommend insurance from Skycover. Please quote 'Black Knights Parachute Centre'

Where does the event take place?

The skydive takes place at Black Knights Parachute Centre, Hillam Lane, Cockerham, Lancashire, LA2 0DY.

How long will the event take?

Please allow a minimum of 3-4 hours at the centre, but be aware that it can be an all-day event.

What time will I do my skydive?

You will be allocated a registration time a few weeks before the event. Please be aware, this is your arrival time not your jump time.

Can my friend and I skydive at the same time?

If you let us know that you would like to take part with someone else you will be allocated the same registration time. The Black Knights team will allocate participants to planes on the day, they will do their best to accommodate your request but please be aware it’s not always possible.

Do I need to train?

You will have a short training session on the day from one of the tandem instructors.

How much do I have to raise?

Participants must raise the £400 minimum sponsorship. We appreciate that some people won’t sponsor you until after the event so you’ll have until a month after your skydive to raise the sponsorship.

How high do I jump from?

You will skydive from 11,000ft. There is an option to pay to upgrade to a 15,000ft skydive on the day.

Can I have my skydive filmed?

Yes. The Black Knights Parachute Centre team will discuss filming options with you when you arrive at the event.

Can I bring spectators?

Yes, the more the merrier! Please be aware there are no activities for children, it can be a long day so we recommend you bring books or toys to keep small children occupied.

Is there a café on site?

Yes. It serves hot and cold drinks and snacks. There is also a large picnic area.

What if my skydive is cancelled?

If your skydive is cancelled due to poor weather conditions you will be contacted the day before or on the morning. We will work with you to rearrange your skydive.