Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club, Christie fundraisers

The Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club in Didsbury decided to support The Christie charity after a vote by its members. They wanted to fundraise for a local charity and as a lot of members had been treated at The Christie, it seemed a perfect fit.

As well as raising money through dance-a-thons, bake sales and membership campaigns, The Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club also hosted the popular Didsbury Business Games.

The Didsbury Business Games is an annual event that takes place between April and June. The games encourage businesses to come together to take part in fun events. They’re designed to get companies and employees working together and to get them active.

Over the past 3 years, 15 different companies across south Manchester have taken part in games such as tenpin bowling, short tennis, archery, cocktail making, treasure hunts and the end of the games quiz.

And for the 3 years it’s been running, the Didsbury Business Games have raised nearly £30,000 for The Christie.

Alice Hulley, Leisure Director at The Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club, said it’s been great seeing her colleagues and the club’s members come together to support The Christie. She said it’s also been great to see so many people getting enjoyment out of the fundraising activities they’ve planned.

“It has been wonderful to work with The Christie charity more closely to learn more about the pioneering work they do. It is close to a lot of our members’ hearts and we have had members and hotel guests alike visit The Christie for treatment.
“Working with The Christie Charity is great because they constantly provide us with new ideas for fundraising and support us with the necessary marketing materials to promote whatever we’re doing.
“The Didsbury Business Games is an incredible achievement and, alongside my colleagues Chris and Keith, I feel extremely proud to be one of the main organisers of this event. I have to say though, it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support from not only the businesses who take part but also the businesses who sponsor the games.”

- Alice Hulley, Leisure Director at The Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club