Seddon, Christie fundraisers

Seddon, a Bolton-based construction firm, has been supporting The Christie charity for nearly 25 years. This started in 1997 when the company’s staff raised money to help fund 2 new operating theatres.

Over the years, Seddon has raised an amazing £875,000 for The Christie charity. This has helped fund the development of a range of pioneering treatments and cancer research, including proton beam therapy research. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the staff at Seddon knew they needed a new way to support The Christie. With this in mind, the company has pledged to donate £250 for every new house it sells nationwide under its Seddon Homes brand.

Seddon is aiming to sell nearly 700 homes nationwide to raise an incredible £175,000 for The Christie charity. The money will go towards the new Christie at Macclesfield cancer centre.

The Christie at Macclesfield will transform cancer care in Cheshire, the High Peak area of Derbyshire and parts of North Staffordshire, providing care closer to home for more than 1,500 existing Christie patients a year. 

The Seddon family knows first-hand the importance of the work of The Christie. The late Christopher Seddon (MBE) was treated at The Christie for lung cancer from 2013 to 2015. And in 2019, his daughter Nicola, director at Seddon, came to The Christie for treatment for breast cancer.

In February 2019, Nicola began her treatment at The Christie. Over a 7-month period, she had chemotherapy and targeted therapy, followed by surgery and further radiotherapy. Thanks to her treatment, she was told in September 2019 that her cancer was in remission.

Nicola says staff at Seddon are really passionate about fundraising for The Christie charity. She urged any businesses considering fundraising for The Christie at Macclesfield to get involved, as it’s brought a lot of benefits to the firm.

“After 25 years of fundraising in the traditional way, obviously with the pandemic we've had to look at different ways of being able to do it, and we've looked at corporate donations and the advantages of doing that for us as an organisation are huge.
“Our employees are right behind the business donating the monies, it raises awareness of The Christie at Macclesfield appeal to our staff and they're also doing some different types of fundraising, but we just knew it was not going to be enough to make a difference for The Christie at Macclesfield unless we did something really different.
“I'd like to appeal to all business owners in the community to look at corporate business donations for charities because we can't fundraise in the same way.”

  - Nicola Hodkinson, director at Seddon and former Christie patient 

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