Bowcock Cuerden, Christie fundraisers

Bowcock Cuerden is a commercial law practice based in South Cheshire. The company decided to support The Christie charity as their charity of the year after a staff member’s father was treated at the hospital.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the team at Bowcock Cuerden were working from home. This meant traditional fundraising ideas like dress down days and sweepstakes weren’t an option.

Instead, the team decided to get creative with their fundraising ideas. After some online research, they came across a website organising virtual balloon races. It was an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional balloon race, with people paying £3 to enter.

People could then customise their balloon to get it to fly the furthest. Staff members, friends and family of Bowcock Cuerden took part in the virtual balloon race, with 81 virtual balloons sold.

Bowcock Cuerden said staff members really enjoyed supporting The Christie charity with the virtual balloon race and that it’s definitely something they’ll be doing again. The team have planned more ways to raise money for The Christie charity, including raising nearly £1,500 with a relay team in the upcoming Manchester Marathon in October.

“We carefully select a charity each year for our fundraising efforts, with a view to raising as much as we can as a firm. The Christie was nominated by a staff member whose father was cared for at the centre and whose family say that they still marvel at the tireless, selfless and totally dedicated support that the staff in the lung cancer section provided for him, over almost 2 years.
“In these times of the pandemic, it is easy to forget that many thousands of people are still suffering from many terrible diseases and are still being cared for by the wonderful NHS staff as well as dealing with the pandemic.
“They wanted to especially thank again and highlight their gratitude to Dr Summer, Dr Gomez, Phil Russell and Heather Darlington, along with all the staff at The Christie, for the fantastic support and kindness that they provided and showed George Gaskell a few years back. They will never be forgotten.”

  - Bowcock Cuerden, Christie fundraisers

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