AstraZeneca, Christie supporters

AstraZeneca have been raising money in support of The Christie at Macclesfield campaign throughout 2021. The pharmaceutical and biotechnology company have named The Christie charity as a local charity of choice for the year.

As well as supporting The Christie charity through a strategic partnership, the team at AstraZeneca have been taking on several fundraising activities. These have included some individual challenges such as colleague George Summerville taking part in the London Marathon 2021 and colleague Kate Bradley doing a peak district challenge, scaling heights of 1400m.

Andrew Gravett also took on the Manchester 100 cycle ride as part of team AstraZeneca to say thanks for his sister-in-law’s treatment at The Christie.

Certain teams at AstraZeneca also took on some fundraising challenges in support of The Christie charity. For example, the Pharmaceutical Technology and Development (PTD) Global Graduate team took on a virtual charity run, with the running split between a team in Macclesfield and a team in Sweden.

Another way the team at AstraZeneca raised money for The Christie charity was through a ‘pampas grass growathon’. In normal years, AstraZeneca grow sunflowers at their Macclesfield site as a fundraiser, but COVID-19 restrictions meant that staff were working from home. Instead, the team decided to get people to donate for pampas grass seeds, with colleagues then growing these at home.

The team at AstraZeneca started supporting The Christie charity to help raise money for The Christie at Macclesfield, a new cancer centre in East Cheshire. The new centre will transform cancer care in East Cheshire, providing Christie cancer care closer to home for more than 1,500 new patients a year.

“At AstraZeneca, we’re all truly passionate about putting patients first. Sadly, many of us have friends and family who have needed or will need the support of The Christie.  To have this facility in the heart of our community will make a huge difference to the people living in and around Macclesfield.”

  - Katie Morelli, leading on the partnership from AstraZeneca

To date, team AstraZeneca’s fundraising is at just over £28,000. On top of this, AstraZeneca will match fund all donations through staff fundraising up to £15,000!

Are you interested in finding out more about how your company can support The Christie? Contact the corporate fundraising team by calling 0161 446 3988 or emailing