Altrincham HQ, Christie supporters

Altrincham HQ is a social media management and training company based in Cheshire. Altrincham HQ has worked with thousands of local business to develop their social media strategy.

For the past 7 years, Altrincham HQ has ran a fundraising event for The Christie charity called Altrincham VS Cancer at Pure Gym in Altrincham. The event involves 28 local businesses running 5k each on the treadmills.

To date, the Altrincham VS Cancer event has raised a total of £18,000 for The Christie charity.

Alex McCann is the owner of Altrincham HQ. He decided he wanted to support The Christie after his best friend’s parents were treated at the hospital.

Organising the Altrincham VS Cancer event is always a challenge for Alex. He said he always stresses in the few weeks leading up the event. But when he sees the total amount raised, it’s always worth all of the work.

Alex said that the Altrincham VS Cancer event has also helped the local community by improving people’s health. He said that all the runners who have taken part every year have improved their time as they have taken their health more seriously.

In terms of The Christie helping with the event, Alex says The Christie have always been really supportive leading up to the event. He also said they are always very thankful for the fundraising.

Alex said for anyone looking to run a similar event, they should try to make it a community event to involve as many people as possible. He also said it’s a good idea to turn it into an annual event and use social media to get other companies involved.

“My best friend sadly lost both his parents to cancer. As a friend you feel pretty inadequate and hopeless when you see your best friend lose, not one, but both parents to cancer. There's not anything you can say to make them feel better.
“His parents were treated by The Christie and I always seem to remember my best friend and his sister say how supportive The Christie were and how much they helped during treatment.
“As a business with an audience and people who listen to what I say, it was only natural we were going to support The Christie.”

 - Alex, Christie supporter

Are you interested in finding out more about how your company can support The Christie? Contact the corporate fundraising team by calling 0161 446 3988 or emailing