Matt Bilney, Christie nurse

Matt is a matron for inpatient services at The Christie. He lives in Didsbury and joined The Christie as a trainee nurse in 2002.

Before his current role, Matt looked after the integrated procedures unit (IPU). The Christie charity helped to fund the IPU. This meant Matt got to experience up close the importance of charity funding - and this is why he's supporting the Touching Lives campaign.

“I was very proud to be asked to represent all Christie nurses in the campaign. I work with some amazing colleagues who go above and beyond to provide care and compassion to our patients.
“In my previous role, I managed the integrated procedures unit which brings together day patient services in one place and which our charity raised almost £5m for, and so I know first-hand just how important the support of our charity is.
“Now, as a senior nurse manager for inpatient wards, it is clear every day what a difference our charity makes to patients and their relatives and I hope people will really get behind this campaign and make a decision to fundraise for us.”

- Matt Bilney

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