Geneva Rhodes, Christie patient

Geneva first became a patient at The Christie in October 2013 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a full mastectomy on her left side and then had chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

By December 2014, the cancer had spread and she was offered the opportunity to go on a clinical trial. With the help of the medication, her illness is stable and she is able to live a full life with John, her husband of 36 years.

Despite having stage 4 breast cancer herself, Geneva is keen to share her story as part of the Touching Lives campaign. She wants The Christie charity to be able to help other patients like her. Geneva is a member of the Secondary Breast Cancer Patient Focus Group and a patient advocate.

“This is an excellent way to make people aware that the charity is there and donations are required. It’s a privilege to be involved with The Christie and get the message across to other patients and carers that having cancer is not all doom and gloom.
“It’s not the end of the word and you can still enjoy life while living with cancer.”

- Geneva Rhodes

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