Amanda Kearney, Christie patient family member

Amanda’s husband Dave is on a clinical trial for his cancer. This involves weekly visits to the NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility at The Christie.

For every visit, Amanda always brings her lucky orange handbag. The one time she didn’t, they received bad news so it’s now always by her side on hospital visits.

Amanda gave up her job to spend time with her husband and support him through his cancer journey. She's supporting the Touching Lives campaign to show how The Christie charity helps real people like her and Dave.

“You have to be strong for one another. This has changed my life as much as it has Dave’s. You don’t realise how strong you are until something like this happens. You have no choice but to just get on with it.
“We wanted to be part of the campaign to show there’s a story behind the faces – real life and death situations. We are real people and this is real life. We’re not actors or from an agency.
“We wanted to show you can still smile while you’re going through this experience.”

- Amanda Kearney

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