Tumour sites

Prostate cancer

Diagnostics including multi-parametric MRI and template biopsies

Treatment including Robotic Prostatectomy (primary and salvage), active surveillance.

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Bladder cancer


Cystectomy and urinary diversion, including neobladder formation (open and robotically)

Salvage Cystectomy, for recurrence after radiotherapy

Novel intravesical therapies for high risk superficial bladder cancer

Renal (kidney) cancer


Radical nephrectomy (open and laparoscopic)

Partial nephrectomy (open and robotic)

Debulking nephrectomy

Excision of inferior caval thrombus


Penile cancer


Organ Sparing surgery

Glansectomy with or without skin graft reconstruction

Partial penectomy with or without skin graft reconstruction

Total penectomy

Inguinal node dissection

Sentinel node biopsy

Pelvic node dissection

Reconstruction (except full phalloplasty)

Testis cancer



Partial orchidectomy (fertility and endocrine preserving, with or without sperm retrieval)

Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection

Other cancers

Excision of rare pelvic and abdominal sarcomas, paragangliomas, neuroendocrine and adrenal tumours

Complex pelvic cancers involving the bladder, prostate or seminal vesicles, and penis