Key achievements

A summary of our key achievements and experience

  • Development of the first Christie based telephone follow up service for patients who have undergone radiotherapy (started in 1999)
  • Facilitated early discharge of surgical patients providing telephone support and development of ad hoc clinic for physical assessment as required.
  • Developed a nurse led prostate follow up clinic in the community, allowing patients from Greater Manchester to be followed up and supported closer to where they live.
  • The Macmillan Urology CNSs have between 15 and 30 years of cancer nursing experience each.
  • They have all worked in surgical oncology in the past and have had each had specialist nursing experience for between 5 and 15 year
  • Representative for urology on the Patient Information Prescription Project
  • Core member of The Christie Survivorship Project
  • Trained in the assessment and treatment of erectile dysfunction, attend psychosexual counselling supervision
  • Provide teaching for pre and post graduate nurses
  • Facilitate workshops for medical students on communication skills