Macmillan Urology Clinical Nurse Specialists

Meet the Macmillan Urology Clinical Nurse Specialists:

  • Jane Booker
  • Sharon Capper
  • Catherine Pettersen
  • Helen Johnson
  • Steve Booth

Speciality / areas of expertise

The Macmillan Urology Nursing team covers the 5 urological malignancies (prostate, bladder, penile, testicular and kidney). The nurses work alongside the urological surgeons, clinical and medical oncologists specialising in these diseases.

As a supra network service provider the team provide specialised support and information to men with penile and testicular cancers.

The team work within the Christie alongside consultants (5 surgeons, 7 clinical oncologists, 2 medical oncologists) supporting patients through treatment decision making, throughout the treatment, and following treatment.

They also work externally, as peer reviewers, nurse representatives at the Urology sub group of the GM&CC network, a professional advisor to Prostate Cancer UK, and a reviewer for the International Journal of Urological Nursing.