Special features

Current initiatives include: 

  • electronic prescribing (In 2014/15  the Trust will be introducing an inpatient E-prescribing system to complement the electronic prescribing system in place for chemotherapy)
  • non-medical prescribing. The department supports at least one pharmacist a year on a recognised NMP training course. It is the vision of the department that, in time, all pharmacists will be prescribers. 

A dedicated clinical trials team provides major support to the trust's expanding research and development programme. We currently participate in over 200 drug trials. In 2015 the department, in conjunction with the Trusts R&D team, will be appointing a dedicated pharmacist to support the Trusts phase 1 research activity.

A number of members of the pharmacy team are actively involved with regional and national groups.  The department actively supports staff members who wish be part of the wider oncology pharmacy community. 

The pharmacy department is represented on a most of the key committees of the Trust, including: 

  • Safe Medicines Practice Committee
  • Patient Safety Committee
  • Clinical Research and Effectiveness Committee
  • The Drugs and Therapeutics Committee; The Drugs management Committee.
  • The Director of Pharmacy is a member of the Trusts management Board.