How to be referred

We believe every patient should be given the opportunity to discuss clinical trials and to decide whether a clinical trial is right for them.

If you live in England and are being treated on the NHS, you can be referred to us by your specialist doctor or GP. 

Please note that patients from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland may require additional local approval before we can offer an opinion and treatment.

Click on the steps below for more details:

Step 1: Requesting a referral

We can accept a referral from your current specialist. We can also accept a referral from your GP as long as the letter requests 'a second opinion'

We will require brief details of your previous treatment and it is helpful to include any scans and biopsy reports with the letter. Please ask for the letter to state 'website referral'.

Step 2: Sending the referral

We can accept the referral from your specialist or GP via post or fax. In order to process your referral efficiently please give them the details below.

Address details:

The Lymphoma Research Group

Department 26 The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Wilmslow Road


M20 4BX

Fax: 0161 446 8565

(Ring 0161 446 3753 for receipt confirmation)

If you have any questions please email us at:

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding our clinical trials listed on our find a clinical trial pages or you require more information on the referrals process, please get in touch via our email