Nuclear medicine

The Nuclear Medicine Group operates the Nuclear Medicine Clinic and Radiopharmacy on the Christie site, and provides radiopharmaceuticals and physics services to Nuclear Medicine departments in the North West.


The Radiopharmacy holds Specials, Wholesale Dealers and Investigational Medicinal Products licences from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. It manufactures and supplies radiopharmaceuticals to Nuclear Medicine Clinic at the Christie and to 10 Nuclear Medicine departments in theNorth West.

The Nuclear Medicine Clinic at the Christie operates three Gamma Cameras and has access to 5 PET/CTs on 4 sites to provide radionuclide diagnosis and staging in oncology. It offers a wide range of radionuclide therapies.

The Nuclear Medicine group provides Medical Physics and Radiation Protection support to the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre and to 9 Nuclear Medicine departments in theNorth West, incorporating 14 Gamma Cameras and one PET/CT. The group is an Radiation Protection Adviser body recognised by the HSE and has several individually-accredited RPAs and RWAs.


The department is situated at the Palatine road entrance to the hospital, near to the multi-story car park and adjacent to the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre.


The Nuclear Medicine Clinic accepts Nuclear Medicine referrals, from medical staff at The Christie. It accepts PET referrals from medical staff at The Christie, in the CMCCN, in North Wales and the Isle of Manaccording to criteria indicated on the PET referral website.

Research and Development

Major research areas include: radiopharmaceutical manufacture development, radiation protection, diagnostic imaging including PET reconstruction techniques and applications in radiotherapy treatment planning, targeted radionuclide therapy including personalized dosimetry andMonte Carlosimulation.

The group provides comprehensive support to clinical trials, involving radioactive materials, at The Christie.



Clinical Technologists are trained in the Nuclear Medicine Clinic as part of the IPEM training consortium with Manchester Royal Infirmary. Clinical Scientists are trained to part 1 level, at Preston, following the MSC scheme. FRCR and Radiation Protection courses are provided.

Main contacts

  • Clinic: 0161 446 3942
  • General: 0161 446 3541

Group leader: Dr D. Hamilton

Diagnostic Clinical Lead: Dr Prakash Manoharan
Therapy Clinical Lead: Dr Kate Garcez

Consultant Clinical Scientist: Mr Brian Murby
Radiopharmacist: Mr Jose Calero
Lead Clinical Technologist: Ms Wendy Jennison

Regional and Radiation Protection Clinical Scientists:
at the Christie: Ms Jennie Prince
at the Royal Preston Hospital: Dr Tony Hughes

PET Clinical Scientist: Dr Peter Julyan
Research Clinical Scientists: Mr Steve Jeans, Dr Jill Tipping