Magnetic resonance section

The Magnetic Resonance section provides scientific support to Clinical users of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy systems throughout the North West.


The scientific support is devised to enhance attributes of the MR clinical service, providing the ability for collaboration in research and development, and is underpinned by the provision of MR safety advice with respect to staff and patients.

The main elements of the scientific support can be summarised as follows:

  • Development of a safety framework for MR, ensuring the safe use of MR equipment for patients and staff.
  • Advise on selection and procurement of MR and related equipment and on the design of accommodation and facilities.
  • Optimisation of techniques and procedures.
  • Image analysis and interpretation of MR data for patients.
  • Advice, support and provision of equipment QA procedures.
  • Application of specialist scientific knowledge of MR to provide innovative solutions to clinical problems for groups of patients or on an individual patient basis.
  • Staff training

The group currently assists with a number of researchers throughout the region. Some of our recent research and development is presented here.

Staff actively participate in a range of professional matters ranging from refereeing scientific papers, roles within national organisations and committees, to providing advice to national and international bodies.

Special features

  • The group operates within BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality system.
  • Our medical physics department is an IPEM approved training centre for part 1 clinical scientists and technologists in MR.

The team

Group leader

  • Prof A P Jones

Group members

  • Dr J E Kilgallon
  • Dr G A Coutts
  • Mr M Hutton
  • Dr L Kershaw
  • Dr Michael Dubec
  • Mr B Dickie


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