Acute oncology management service

The AOMS is a 24 hour telephone helpline service available to patients and carers for advice / management on the side effects and complications of cancer treatments.

It provides specialist advice and support to all Christie cancer patients, as well as to their carers and community doctors and nurses.

You can ring the Hotline 24 hours a day and 7 days a week:

A mobile and text service is also available to provide support to our patients who are communication and speech impaired. Please let your medical team know if you require this specialist contact number.

Why do I need to know about this service?

It is important for patients and their carers to have access to information to manage side effects and any complications of treatment. This service is available to provide you with help and support at every stage of treatment.

What type of patients?

The team are trained to provide advice and support for side effects caused by radiotherapy treatment, chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Specialists support the team in the management plan of all patients.

Contacting The Christie Hotline

  • You will hear a ‘welcome’ message. Listen carefully and follow the instructions.
  • Your call should be answered within 4 minutes. If your call is not answered within 9 minutes, you will be transferred to our hospital switchboard.
  • The switchboard staff will contact the nurse advisor who will respond to your call. This will only occur in times of high call volume, we apologise for any delay.

All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.