Guidelines for the management of neutropenic sepsis

From 2012 onwards, Acute Oncology teams at all acute Trusts and The Christie will support the care of cancer patients who present as an emergency, especially those on current or recent treatment. For patients undergoing treatment for cancer, all infective episodes need to be rapidly assessed and treated urgently with antibiotics.

Key points

  • Sepsis
  • Systemic Response Syndrome
  • Neutropenia definitions
  • Assessment of septic patient
  • Initial treatment, febrile at Day 4-6
  • Antibiotics, Empirical Treatments, removal of IV Lines, suitable IV antibiotic regimens.
  • Early and appropriate assessment and treatment of patients with life threatening infections

Document Owner: - Dr P Haji-Michael
Accountable Committee: - Acute Oncology Group
Date Approved: - May 2013
Review date: - May 2017
Target audience: - Greater Manchester & Cheshire Cancer Network
All clinicians