We are made up of medical oncologists, clinical oncologists, clinical research fellows, clinical research nurses and clinical trial coordination staff.

The team has a large portfolio of clinical trials for patients with lung cancer, many of which are in collaboration with our worldwide commercial partners; these include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological therapies. We also have a special interest in research into therapies to control symptoms of lung cancer as well as studying biomarkers (understanding cancer cells) to deliver a more personalised approach to the treatment of lung cancer. In 2014 -2015 more than 350 patients took part in lung cancer clinical trials at The Christie

In July 2014, lung cancer research leapt forward with the establishment of a ground-breaking Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence that unites the strengths of Manchester and London into a single research entity with a common strategy for advancing progress in lung cancer. The centre will build on expertise at the Manchester Cancer Research Centre.

Our ambition is to provide personalised treatment for patients with lung cancer by developing a clinical and translational research programme. As our understanding of the molecular characteristics of lung cancer and tumour evolution advances, through early-phase clinical trials, we will continue providing leadership in the development of targeted agents delivering personalised medicine tailored to the genetic profile of an individual patient’s tumour.  We are determined to deliver national and international ‘firsts’ in lung cancer research and will focus on the delivery of cutting-edge scientific research, improving patient outcomes and quality of life. We strive to be at the forefront of lung cancer research globally and will continue providing clinical leadership for national, practice-changing, clinical trials.

Team objectives

  • To recruit a patient for every day of the year – 365 patients per year
  • To give every patient an opportunity to participate in clinical research
  • To conduct an increased number of clinical trials using shared care arrangements with local district general hospitals to enable patients to access clinical trials nearer home