The team treats gynaecological cancers, which include ovarian, endometrial (womb) and cervix (neck of the womb) cancers.

Receiving referrals from the region and other parts of the United Kingdom, we treat patients with early, advanced and recurrent gynaecological cancers with non-surgical approaches that include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and symptomatic treatments. Gynaecological cancer surgeons who work at St Mary’s Hospital and The Christie perform the surgery.

Whenever possible we will invite our patients to participate in clinical trials, affording patients the opportunity to access the latest drugs or drug treatments.

The team recruits patients to phase 3 randomised clinical trials, which establish new standards of treatment for particular diseases. In addition we investigate new treatments, taking the drugs of the future to patients for the first time (phase I clinical trials). Subsequently, we test the effectiveness of the new drug in groups of patients with particular types of cancer (phase 2 clinical trials).

If you are interested in taking part in clinical trials, please ask your doctor at your next clinic visit.

The doctors who treat ovarian cancer include Professor Jayson, Dr Clamp, Dr Hasan and Dr Mitchell. All the consultants treat endometrial cancer, while Dr Davidson, Dr Barraclough and Dr Livsey treat cervix and vulva cancer.

Team objectives

  • To have a portfolio offering every patient the choice of a clinical trial at every stage of their journey