The ECMT hopes to develop new treatments for cancer. Our trials comprise of:

Trial type


First in human trials


New advanced treatments which have not been tested in cancer patients before.


First in combination trials


Combining new and established treatments together to have a greater effect on the cancer.


Regulatory clinical pharmacology studies


Trials to characterise the effect of the drug under different conditions (with food, with other drugs, with organ impairment) collectively.


Trials to characterise biomarkers


Trials to identify which patients are going to benefit from specific new drugs.


Our team has a world renowned reputation for conducting Phase 1 research performed by our high quality staff who have a strong relationship with both patients and partners. Our team is made up of:

  • Clinical Research Nurses;
  • Medical Oncology Physicians;
  • Clinical Trial Coordinators/ Managers;
  • Clinical Research secretaries/ Administrators.

The ECMT is set to expand to become part of the top 3 largest Phase 1 research facilities in Europe by 2020 with over five hundred patients enrolled annually. This expansion is underpinned by four defining differentiators:

  • Our specialist experience;
  • Our collaborative mindset;
  • Our dedication to provide a named investigator to each trial;
  • Our promise of the fast delivery of high quality trial data to sponsor.

At the ECMT we are working on ways to define the molecular characteristics of cancer currently performed from a tumour biopsy, from blood samples taken from the patient instead. This would stop patients needing to go through biopsy procedures and will revolutionise precision medicine (ie matching drug to patient).

The ECMT teaches a Masters in Experimental Cancer Medicine where students spend a year of working within the ECMT. This ensures that we are continually recruiting new and talented staff into our team.

Click here to view details of our Experimental Cancer Medicine MRes course.

Team objectives

  • To be a top 3 Phase 1 research facility in Europe.
  • To implement precision medicine in patients using a blood sample rather than biopsy by Tissue removal.
  • To teach a new generation about the importance of Experimental Medicine.
  • To embed real time data capture and visualisation to enable sponsors and investigators to review patients data on the same day as their clinic appointment.