For many years prevention and early detection has been highlighted as an important area for research and the government has invested billions of pounds into national screening programmes for breast, bowel and cervical cancer.

Cancer Prevention and Early Detection is a designated research theme within the research strategy of the Christie NHS Foundation Trust. Two internationally leading clinical Professors, Gareth Evans (Medical Genetics & Cancer Epidemiology) and Andrew Renehan (Cancer Studies & Surgery) have established a research ‘hub’ supporting researchers across Manchester, with the vision to become a world leading Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Research Centre in what is truly a multi-disciplinary approach, answering big research questions through complex intervention studies. The Professors now also lead the Cancer Prevention & Early Detection research theme in the recently awarded NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC).

Prevention and Early Detection researchers are supported by Emma Thorpe (Research Project Manager) and Kelly Lloyd (Project Assistant) who are based in the Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC) building.

There is a wide breadth of research activity currently being carried out under the theme of cancer prevention and early detection including:


The ten year vision is to be a world leading cancer prevention and early detection research centre. 

Shorter term objectives feeding into the long term vision;

  • Improving research infrastructure
  • Improving the localisation and co-ordination of existing research
  • Increasing grant and commercial funding for research
  • To focus research activity on achieving high impact outputs
  • Quality publications in high impact, peer reviewed journals

Through the enhancement of prevention and early detection, it is hoped that in the future many individuals will never become cancer patients.