The Breast Cancer Research Team is made up of medical oncologists, clinical oncologists, research nurses and clinical trials coordination staff. We work together to ensure that clinical trials are run safely and ethically, and are here to support you if you decide to enter a clinical trial. 

You can contact our Research Nurses and Clinical Trials Coordinators here and a relevant member of the team will get back to you regarding your query.

For more information on our current Principal Investigators please click on their names below:

Medical Oncology

Prof. Andrew Wardley
Consultant and Honorary Professor in Medical Oncology
Research interests include introducing new treatments in advanced breast cancer.
Dr. Anne Armstrong
Consultant in Medical Oncology and Honorary Senior Lecturer
Research interests include triple negative breast cancer, immunotherapies, and fertility concerns after a breast cancer diagnosis.
Dr. Sacha Howell
Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology
Research interests include the prevention and early detection of breast cancer, and approaches to overcome resistance to hormone therapy.
Dr. Laura Horsley
Consultant in Medical Oncology
  Dr. Elena Takeuchi
Consultant in Medical Oncology
Dr. Ciara O'Brien
Consultant in Medical Oncology
Research interests include molecular target discovery in breast cancer, data mining (big data) projects for personalised breast oncology, and clinical trials of new agents for breast cancer.
Greg Wilson
Consultant in Medical Oncology
Research interests include Liver Directed Therapy, Selective Internal Radiation Therapy and ChemoSaturation Therapy to the Liver.


Clinical Oncology

Dr. Vivek Misra
Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Research interests include spinal cord compression and the development of new radiotherapy techniques. 
Dr. Juliette Loncaster
Consultant Clinical Oncologist
  Dr. Abbasi Chittalia
Consultant Clinical Oncologist
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