The network includes hospitals and universities from Leeds, Manchester, Oxford and London at both University College London/University College London Hospitals and the Royal Marsden/Institute of Cancer Research. The network aims to produce national protocols, guidance and research to help the introduction of several new technologies including proton beam therapy and MR-guided radiotherapy.

ART-NET's work is split into 7 workstreams:

  1. MR-based treatment planning
  2. Fast/adaptive re-planning
  3. Motion management
  4. Functional imaging
  5. Proton image guidance and dose verification
  6. Health economics
  7. Trial methodology

Groups from Manchester are leading on the motion management and proton image guidance and dose verification workstreams but are contributing to several of the other workstreams.

Team Objectives

As part of the motion management workstream, we aim to:

  • Create an image library of anatomical changes in the tumour and adjacent critical structures that can aid radiographers in their decision making.
  • Evaluate novel 4-D imaging and motion modelling approaches and determine their suitability for clinical use.
  • Quantify treatment uncertainties and their effect on predictions of tumour and healthy tissue’s motion.
  • Evaluate the accuracy of image-guidance methodologies for each treatment modality. 

As part of the proton image guidance and dose verification workstream, we aim to:

  • Create a protocol for correcting range differences.
  • Perform validation of methods to mitigate proton range uncertainties for different motion management systems.
  • Evaluate proton range verification techniques and identify treatment margins for complex treatments.

Team staff

Our current research team includes: 


  • Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn
  • Professor Marcel van Herk
  • Professor Ran MacKay

ART-NET Physicist:  Dr Robert Chuter

ART-NET Research Fellow: Dr Sean Brown  

ART-NET Radiographer: John Rogers

ART-NET health economics: Dr Thomas Mee

ART-NET Project manager:  Sally Falk

ART-NET publications

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