A satisfaction survey, among patients at The Christie on early phase clinical trials, has revealed that participants were overwhelmingly positive about their experiences. 

The survey, developed through the national Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) network, was conducted in more than 15 ECMC locations. 

78 questionnaires were returned by patients at The Christie, who were probed for their views on the support and communications associated with trials, as well as general questions.

Results indicated that 96% of patients attending the hospital’s Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) selected ‘strongly agree’ from all statements, indicating a high level of satisfaction with all areas of trial participation. 

The Christie surveyed patients in early phase clinical trials across all their cancer research disease groups. 

Patients were asked to rate each of the 22 questions on a scale from ‘Strongly Agree’ to ‘Strongly Disagree’ and given the opportunity to comment on each question. 

‘The results are extremely positive’ said Professor Andrew Hughes, Strategy Director of The Christie’s Experimental Cancer Medicine Team.  ‘They are testimony to the professionalism, commitment and care shown by all staff working in the centre.  

‘As well as understanding patients’ experiences in early phase clinical trials, the analysis acts as a baseline quality measure of how our early phase expansion plans impact on the patient’s journey.  We plan to conduct the survey annually to ensure that the patient experience remains high as the number of early phase experimental medicine trials increases, and more patients are being recruited.” 

The survey results were recently presented to The Christie’s ECMC steering group.  Every year, approximately, 300 patients are enrolled onto experimental cancer medicine studies (“Phase 1”) at The Christie. 

Key survey results 

Overall, 98% of respondents agreed (with 82% strongly and 13% moderately agreeing) that they would participate in another early phase trial.   The reasons were driven by quality of care received and benefits for themselves and future patients.

Responses to the question of further early phase trial participation included:

The process is excellent – it also gives me more hope
I want research to be done to combat this dreadful disease

When asked if they felt cared for by research staff during the trial, in total 99% of patients agreed (with 91% strongly and 5% moderately agreeing).

Responses to the question of care received during the trial included:

They are the most caring team I have ever experienced
My research nurse and trials consultant doctors – always available to listen to my comments & concerns
I wouldn’t fault the care and attention I have been given

The Christie ran its four week survey in November 2015; other ECMC centres ran the survey earlier in the same year. 

About the Manchester ECMC 

The Manchester ECMC has an active early phase (Phase I/II) clinical trial programme in various cancer types, with coupled biomarkers studies, which aim to inform treatment decisions and monitor the effectiveness of therapies. 

Manchester has leading expertise in circulating biomarkers and targeted radio-immunotherapies, and excellent biobanking and biomedical imaging facilities.