Getting involved

At The Christie, we are committed to involving our patients, their families and the wider public in our work. This helps us deliver a service that best meets the needs of our patients.

We value your involvement at all levels and there are a number of ways you can help us to further develop our clinical research. Training and support is available to anyone who needs it.

Ways to become involved

  • You can, for example, apply to join a committee that reviews grant applications for research – you can join as a lay member, you don’t need any experience, and you would give us important insights into how best we fund research and develop research protocols for our trials
  • Or you could help us raise the profile of our research by working on a promotional stand at local and national events. This is a great opportunity to explain to patients and the public exactly what we do and why research is important to patient outcomes
  • Or you could help us review patient information leaflets which explain clearly what trials are all about and give details of clinical trials. We always want help in making sure our patients have the best information we can provide
  • We always need patients to share their experiences. There are plenty of opportunities to be the voice of the patient and help others by discussing your experience of clinical research trials
  • Raising the profile of Patient and Public involvement and engagement

The Christie also has a patient and public involvement and engagement group that looks specifically at research. The involvement of the wider public in this group again gives us valuable insights into our work.

For more information about how you can become involved or how to join our group, please contact

NIHR Patient Research Ambassador Initiative

You may wish to consider registering as a Patient Research Ambassador.  This NIHR initiative aims to support a patient-centred research culture in the NHS.  Click here to find out more about the scheme, its aims and benefits.

Patient and Staff Experiences of Clinical Research.

I have been a patient at The Christie for 14 years. I wouldn't want to be treated anywhere else. I am a phase 1 clinical trial patient and have been fortunate to have access to the most up-to-date cancer treatments, and have been treated by, and met some incredibly inspiring people along the way. 
Having a genetic cancer that has plagued my family for generations, personalised medicine has been the difference between life and death for me. The knowledge gained from it will have far-reaching implications for my family and many more like us.

Diane Brooks, phase 1 clinical trial patient treated in NIHR CRUK Christie CRF

Clinical research had become a life-saver for me. In late 2014 I had exhausted all of these options and my cancer was progressing unchecked at an alarming rate. My oncologist referred me to the Christie Clinical Research Facility and I was accepted onto a trial for an experimental drug which targeted specific mutations in my cancer. 

Since starting the trial I have not looked back. I am so fortunate that it become very effective immediately. The care I have received and the lovely attitude of the staff in the Clinical Trials Unit is second to none. I count myself as very lucky to be a patient there and feel like I have experienced a miracle.

Geraldine Peddie, phase 1 clinical trial patient treated in NIHR CRUK Christie CRF

I love the reality that the trial treatments of today have the potential to become innovative and potentially curative treatments of the future.

Christie clinical research nurse in NIHR CRUK Christie CRF

I love being first point of contact for patients on clinical trials, educating and supporting patients and their loved ones throughout their cancer journey.

Christie clinical research nurse in NIHR CRUK Christie CRF

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