The Christie Library and Knowledge Service offers a wide range of courses, and learning opportunities

To help you make the most of the wide range of information resources that are available we have sessions that teach you  how to search biomedical databases, search for and use Cochrane reviews, critically appraise articles and manage references and create bibliographies with Mendeley

All these sessions are open for staff and students based at the Christie. To book onto a particular session please email the library letting us know which sessions you are interested in
0161 446 3452

 Literature Searching Using Online Databases

Learn how to find journal articles and current research using databases like NICE Evidence Search and Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS). The techniques here can be applied to finding management information. This course is suitable for people who have never searched before and those wanting a refresher

Date Time
Fri, 9 February 3:00 PM
Fri, 9 March 3:00 PM
Tue, 3 April 3:00 PM
Wed, 23 May 9:30 AM
Thu, 21 June 3:00 PM
Mon, 9 July 9:30 AM
Thu, 9 August 3:00 PM
Tue, 11 September 9:30 AM
Mon, 8 October 9:30 AM
Wed, 14 November 3:00 PM
Fri, 7 December 9:30 AM

Advanced literature searching using online databases

Learn how to find the best evidence using the Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS) using advanced techniques. The techniques used here can be applied to finding management information. Suitable for people who have done the previous course or who have done some searching. This course is essential for anyone doing a systematic review.

Date Time
Fri, 23 February 10:00 AM
Mon, 12 March 10:00 AM
Thu, 12 April 10:00 AM
Tue, 1 May 10:30 AM
Wed, 6 June 10:00 AM
Mon, 16 July 10:00 AM
Fri, 17 August 10:00 AM
Tue, 25 September 10:00 AM
Wed, 24 October 10:00 AM
Thu, 22 November 10:00 AM
Mon, 10 December 10:00 AM

Cochrane Library

Learn what the Cochrane Library is, how to search it and how to understand it.

Date Time
Mon, 19 February 9:30 AM
Fri, 23 March 3:00 PM
Fri, 27 April 3:00 PM
Tue, 15 May 9:30 AM
Wed, 20 June 9:30 AM
Thu, 12 July 3:00 PM
Mon, 20 August 9:30 AM
Tue, 18 September 3:00 PM
Wed, 17 October 9:30 AM
Fri, 30 November 3:00 PM
Thu, 13 December 9:30 AM

Critical appraisal, an introduction

Learn to critically appraise an article using the CASP checklist. Suitable for anyone who has to read journal articles either professionally or educationally. It is particularly suitable for those who have not done it before or who lack confidence in this area.

Date Time
Fri, 23 February 1:30 PM
Mon, 12 March 1:30 PM
Thu, 12 April 1:30 PM
Tue, 1 May 1:30 PM
Wed, 6 June 1:30 PM
Mon, 16 July 1:30 PM
Fri, 17 August 1:30 PM
Tue, 25 September 1:30 PM
Wed, 24 October 1:30 PM
Thu, 22 November 1:30 PM
Mon, 10 December 1:30 PM

Managing references with Mendeley

Learn how to use Mendeley to manage your citations. You will learn how to create a Mendeley account and how to add new articles and import search results from HDAS. You will also learn how to integrate Mendeley into Word so that you 'cite while you write' and generate a bibliography automatically

Date Time
Fri, 23 February 4:00 PM
Mon, 12 March 4:00 PM
Thu, 12 April 4:00 PM
Tue, 1 May 4:00 PM
Wed, 6 June 4:00 PM
Mon, 16 July 4:00 PM
Fri, 17 August 4:00 PM
Tue, 25 September 4:00 PM
Wed, 24 October 4:00 PM
Thu, 22 November 4:00 PM
Mon, 10 December 4:00 PM