The Christie is committed to providing staff with opportunities to develop their knowledge and competence to enhance the safety and care of patients. 

One initiative to support this is Clinical Supervision.

The Department of Health 1993 defines clinical supervision as: 

‘A formal process of professional support and learning which enables individual practitioners to develop knowledge and competence,  assume responsibility for their own practice and enhance consumer protection and safety of care in complex situations. It is central to the process of learning and to the expansion of the scope of practice and should be seen as a means of encouraging self-assessment and analytical and reflective skills.’

Clinical supervision incorporates some or all of the following elements:

A professional support mechanism

Aims to help and encourage supervisees to develop their own best thinking

A means of reflecting on practice and increasing self-awareness in order to build on current strengths and coping

Clinical supervision processes are in accordance with the Trust’s Clinical Supervision Policy for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

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