ESTRO Imaging For Physicists

29th September - 3rd October 2019 

With the ever-increasing role played by MR, PET and advanced CT imaging in radiotherapy, this course teaches the basic concepts, highlights key technical challenges and solutions, and explores the clinical importance, implications and future applications of these imaging modalities.



The Christie School of Oncology are pleased to welcome ESTRO and their Imaging for Physicists course to Manchester. 

ESTRO’s vision statement for is ‘Radiation Oncology. Optimal Health for All, Together.’

This emphasises the ambition of the Society to further reinforce radiation oncology as core partner in multidisciplinary cancer care and to guarantee accessible and high-value radiation therapy for all cancer patients who need it.

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Topics Covered

Course content • Basic principles of MRI physics • Fast scanning techniques and volume sequences on MRI • MRI equipment • Geometrical integrity of MR images • Physics aspects of MRI-guided interventions • CT for radiotherapy planning • Dual-Energy CT for particle therapy planning and beyond • CT-based in-room imaging (including cone-beam CT) • PET image reconstruction, SUV threshold • The use of PET tracers other than FDG • Physics principles of advanced functional MRI techniques • Clinical application in radiotherapy for cancers in brain, head and neck, pelvis (cervix, prostate).

Intended Audience

The course is aimed at trainees in radiotherapy physics, researchers and also more experienced radiotherapy physicists with an interest in the application of advanced imaging techniques in their radiotherapy practice.