If you have been told that you may be having a stoma (colostomy/ ileostomy/ urostomy) formed during your surgery (even if there is a small possibility that you will need one forming) an appointment will be made to see a stoma care specialist nurse.

This appointment will include counselling, advice, answers to any questions, marking the place on the abdomen where the stoma may be and teaching patients how to look after their stoma.

Our Stoma Care Specialist team consists of 5 nurses who work between The Christie Hospital NHS Trust, University Hospital of South Manchester and the Manchester community. You will see a Stoma Care Nurse Specialist before your operation. Following stoma surgery you will be seen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the ward to learn how to care for your stoma. . Upon discharge you will be referred to your local stoma nurse for continuing support.

You can contact the stoma care team on 0161 445 5001