You will be nursed on a surgical ward for the majority of your stay in hospital. You may require admission to the Critical Care Unit depending on the type of surgery you are having and your past medical conditions.

Ward 10 is the surgical oncology unit which is split into male and female sides where you will be looked after in 4-bedded bays. There are toilet facilities near every bay. Visiting times on the ward are 14:00-17:15 and 18:15-20:15. Please speak to the nurse in charge if you wish to visit outside these hours or to bring children of less than 5 years.

Meals are served in the day room. If you cannot walk to the day room, the nursing staff will bring the meal to you. You are encouraged to bring your own pyjamas/ nightwear or comfortable clothes so that you can wear these as soon as possible. This will maintain your dignity and allow you to feel as normal as possible. We would like you to wear your own clothes if possible to help you get back to normal.