Patient booklets

The Christie produces a range of patient information that covers various aspects of cancer and cancer treatments.

Booklets are free to patients coming to The Christie and are available from the cancer information centre (department 3). The centre offers a confidential service for anyone affected by cancer. Please call in or contact us by telephone on 0161 446 8100.

We also offer a number of chemotherapy information sheets about individual chemotherapy treatments.

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This leaflet provides information on a medicine called ketamine which is used to treat pain that is difficult to control. 

Kerato Acanthoma: Information sheet

Kerato acanthoma (KA) is a skin lesion that develops on sun-exposed areas such as the face, forearms, back of hands and lower leg. It affects the middle-aged, elderly, and mostly white-skinned people. 

Ketorolac injection

Supportive care: specialist medicines

This leaflet provides information on a medicine called ketorolac which is used to treat pain that is difficult to control. It is offered as a guide to you and your family. The possible benefits of treatment vary; your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist will be happy to answer any questions you have about your treatment.

We may be recommending this medicine to be used for a condition it was not originally designed for; so you may find that there are some differences between the hospital and the manufacturer’s information. This additional information will inform you of the reason(s) why you are taking this medicine and to highlight any other information. This should be read in conjunction with the manufacturer’s patient information leaflet.

Providing treatment closer to home - Dr Kershaw's Hospice, Oldham

Dr Kershaw's hospice treatment clinic benefits those patients who would normally have to travel long distances for treatment at The Christie. It enables us to deliver the first class treatment and care for which The Christie is renowned, closer to home.