Patient booklets

The Christie produces a range of patient information that covers various aspects of cancer and cancer treatments.

Booklets are free to patients coming to The Christie and are available from the cancer information centre (department 3). The centre offers a confidential service for anyone affected by cancer. Please call in or contact us by telephone on 0161 446 8100.

We also offer a number of chemotherapy information sheets about individual chemotherapy treatments.

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Basal cell carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is also known as rodent ulcer. It is the most common type of skin cancer in white-skinned people. It usually occurs on sun-exposed areas of skin in the middle-aged and elderly, but it may grow on any area of skin and can occur in younger people. 

Bowen's disease

Bowen's disease is a skin lesion that affects the topmost layer (epidermis) of the skin. It appears as a red or brown scaly patch and it is usual to have a single lesion. It most commonly occurs on the lower leg but it can develop on any part of the body. People over the age of 60 are more likely to develop these lesions and they are rare in the under-30 age group.

What to expect during the first year of diagnosis of secondary breast cancer

Whilst attending The Christie you will be given the contact details of the Macmillan secondary breast clinical nurse specialists (CNS). We are a team of nurses specialised in providing support for you and your family and friends. Outlined below is the support pathway you should expect to receive during the first year following your diagnosis. We encourage you to attend your appointment to the nurse-led clinic as this contact then leads on to additional available support, if required.

Radiotherapy to the bladder

This booklet is to tell you about radiotherapy to the bladder. The Christie is a specialised centre for radiotherapy and patients come for treatments that are not always available at general hospitals. If you are having radiotherapy as an inpatient, please bring this booklet with you.

Having a skin biopsy

This leaflet explains what a skin biopsy is and the benefits, risks and alternatives of this procedure. If you have any questions, please speak to your doctor or nurse.

After your skin biopsy

This leaflet explains how to take care of your wound(s) when you leave hospital. If you have any questions, please see our contact details overleaf.

Bladder filling protocol

This is an information sheet for patients who need to follow the bladder filling protocol to ensure their bladder remains the same size throughout their treatment.

Blood test sheet [PDF file - 105KB]

Information sheet about what patients should expect when attending for a blood test to assess hormone levels.

Baxter Infusor guide [PDF file - 284KB]

Booklet about the  Baxter infusor (also called the Baxter pump), a lightweight, disposable device containing chemotherapy used to give a slow, continuous infusion into the bloodstream via a CVC (central venous catheter) or PICC (peripherally inserted central venous catheter).